Brace yourself for an experiential road journey through the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, blessed with bountiful rain and tropical forests – you will travel across the central tribal belt of the state which remain inhabited by followers of Donyi-Polo; worshipers of Sun & Moon.

“”Photographers can become leading promoters of tourism while archiving the rich culture and scenic beauty of Arunachal Pradesh “ – Said Mr.Pema Khandu – Chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

In this unique tour, we turn to photography in our attempt to record this intangible cultural knowledge as it manifests itself in the customs of North East India’s tribal communities. Our aim is to photograph villagers dressed in their ceremonial attire and to hear their folklores about the significance of the dress; to document the ribbon of tradition that runs through them all, tradition that can still be traced back to the time before modernizers and missionaries came.

Come with us , Discover the sleeping beauty of Arunachal, hear the song of silence, capture the vivid colours of their rich culture, listen to their spine chilling stories of Human head hunting under the starry night, capture the gentle beauty of butterflies, pugmarks of the ghostly snow-leopard and clouded leopards and many more…

We will arrange everything you need for professional photography. From getting permissions to fly drones for areial photography to arranging professional full range lenses for wildlife photography, you just name it and we will arrange everything. We also invite renowned photographers from all over India to conduct these tours. You can take tips directly from them which is definitely a brownie point ! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with XploreNE Tourism for attractive packages and tailor-made packages -what ever you want !